It’s huge, it’s complex, it’s iconic, there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world and it’s right here in the heart of Co. Tipperary. The Rock of Cashel (Carrig Phadraig), more formally St. Patrick’s Rock, it is also known as Cashel of the Kings. Reputedly the site of the conversion of Aenghus the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th Century AD. Long before the Norman invasion, The Rock of Cashel was the seat of the seat of the High Kings of Munster, although there is little structural evidence of their time here. Most of the buildings on the current site date from the 12th and 13th centuries when the Romanesque and Germanic influences in their architecture.


To quote from the WIKI entry “The complex has a character of it’s own, unique and native, and is one of the most remarkable collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture to be found anywhere in Europe”

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