Our Irish Heritage

At Irish Heritage Urns, we embrace the history of Ireland and the tradition of fine craftsmanship when creating our unique, handmade urns and frames. Each urn and frame is lovingly hand crafted by Tom and Jim Kinnane, master craftsmen for more than 20 years, in their Tipperary workshop.

The Irish YewOur urns and matching frames are created exclusively from native Irish timber varieties, each with a special place in Ireland’s heritage.

Best known in Ireland for its association with sacred ground, Yew is a traditional symbol of eternity and the afterlife. In Celtic literature, Ash signifies peace and healing, whereas the Sycamore tree symbolizes protection and divinity. According to lore, Beech is linked with time and wisdom. Beech is also known as the Beech Queen; her consort is the Oak King. Oak is historically a symbol of kingship because of it connotations of strength and fertility.

St BrendanThe Irish Heritage Urns logo is a variation on St Brendan’s Cross. St. Brendan is an historical figure who was born in 484 in County Kerry to the Altraige tribe settled around Tralee Bay. An early Christian and one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland, St. Brendan was also known as St. Brendan the Navigator.

He is famed for a historical sea voyage to the Isle of the Blessed, and his discovery of the Promised Land shortly before his death in 577. St. Brendan is beloved as a symbol of safe navigation on journeys and important crossings.

Traditional Celtic crosses have four arms with a circle surrounding them; the St. Brendan’s Cross is a stylised variation featuring a circle of four fish or dolphins with tails meeting in the centre to form a cross.