Irish Heritage Urns: Catalog Products

Handcrafted Keepsake Frames

Remember your loved one with memorial frames in wood options to match our urns.

Joyce Collection: Beech with Bog Oak Inserts

Lovingly crafted from spalted Beech with ancient bog oak inserts.

Joyce Collection: Oak with Bog Oak inserts

Handcarved from Irish oak, with ancient bog oak inserts.

Wilde Collection: Beech Urn

Spalted Beech cremation urn with your choice of luxury Irish fabrics.

Wilde Collection: Oak Urn

Cremation urn in Irish oak and a selection of traditional Irish fabric finishes.

Yeats Collection: Beech Urn

Crafted from spalted Beech, a much sought after and unique wood.

Inscribed Oak Yeats Urn

Yeats Collection: Oak Urn

Handcrafted cremation urn beautifully carved from solid Irish oak.